Africa in Motion

CTPI’s Peacebuilding Through Media Arts project is sponsoring three screenings at this year’s Africa in Motion Film Festival in Edinburgh, including a UK premiere. Come along, and see some of the best contemporary African cinema! You can find more information about the African in Motion film festival here:

30 OCTOBER 2012
Dear Mandela
30 October 2012 – 8:30pm
South Africa/USA – Dara Kell/Christopher Nizza • 2011 • 1h33m • HD Cam • English and Zulu with English subtitles • 15 • Documentary
Venue: Filmhouse Cinema 2
Destroyed homes, threats at gunpoint and high-court action; this battle by three young people to stand up for their rights is a testimony to people power. When the South African government promises to ‘eradicate the slums’ and begins to evict shack dwellers far outside the city, three friends who live in Durban’s vast shantytowns refuse to be moved. Dear Mandela follows their journey from their shacks to the highest court in the land as they invoke Nelson Mandela’s example and become leaders in a growing social movement. By turns inspiring, devastating and funny, the film offers a new perspective on the role that young people can play in political change and is a fascinating portrait of South Africa coming of age.
Peace Wanted Alive: Kenya at the Crossroads
30 October 2012 – 8:30pm
Kenya/USA – Stephen Marshall • 2010 •18m • Digibeta •15 • Documentary
Venue: Filmhouse Cinema 2
Documentary short about the courageous Kenyan peacebuilders who saved their country from descending into genocide during the 2008 election crisis.
Cry of Love – UK Premiere
1 November 2012 – 8:15pm
South Africa – Faith Isiakpere • 2012 • 2h • HD Cam • 15
Venue: Filmhouse Cinema 2
Cry of Love follows the lives of young and talented teens who explore their musical gifts in Johannesburg’s African Performing Arts Centre school. Set against the city’s vibrant cosmopolitan backdrop, this film brings together characters from across Africa. Despite their differences, each character finds solace in ‘The Sanctuary’, a place of common ground where people are united through music and the celebration of Ubuntu – the African expression for “I am what I am because of who we all are.” In Cry of Love, Nigerian-born director Faith Isiakpere delivers an uplifting Fame-style musical starring legendary South African songbird Yvonne Chaka Chaka. This ‘faction’ (fact and fiction) film distinguishes itself by combining a compelling narrative with music and contemporary human right issues.

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