Shadows of the Divine

From 15 May-11 June CTPI will host the Shadows of the Divine art exhibition at New College. Shadows of the Divine is a display of religious paintings, mostly drawn from the renowned Methodist Art Collection. Artists to be shown from the MAC include Graham Sutherland, Georges Rouault, Craigie Aitchison, Elisabeth Frink, Peter Howson, Patrick Heron and Eric Gill, among others. These works will be shown alongside pieces from Scottish and Scotland-based painters, such as John Bellany, John Byrne, Ken Currie, Paul Martin, Robert Powell and Adrian Wiszniewski. In addition, a rare first-edition of the King James Bible will be on display in this the 500th anniversary of its publication.

Shadows of the Divine launches CTPI’s new research project, Peacebuilding through the Media Arts. The exhibition invites viewers to consider how religious words and images might contribute to, rather than detract from, peace between disparate peoples and cultures. More information is available from the Shadows of the Divine website. In the coming weeks we hope you will join us in discussing the exhibition here at Public Faith.

Image: Shadows of the Divine exhibition opening, by Brian Fischbacher.



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